Scam Warning

Euro Trade Commission is a separate organization specialized in resolving disputes in the field of financial markets, including cryptocurrencies, combining a high-quality list of brokerage services providers in the capital market, notifies investors of the presence of false members of our commission, who are represented by Euro Trade Commission officers and who offer their services on behalf of Euro Trade Commission for fraud.

From customers, we received information that showed that there are scammers offering invalid services by copying the company logo and website. Also, these scammers pick up domain addresses similar to Eurotradeco to simulate activity. Through fraudulent actions, the services of the chargeback are offered – the procedure for the return of funds. The client requires an advance payment and after receiving the money, the scammers disappear.

The Euro Trade Commission notifies such pseudo-companies that are not related to Eurotradeco by publishing information about scammers on its website, in the “black list” tab located at:

To understand the work of the Euro Trade Commission, we invite our readers to consider the following:

  • Euro Trade Commission provides services to traders and clients of member companies – absolutely free. Contributions and commissions from traders and clients of participants are not charged
  • If the company is not a member of the Euro Trade Commission, then the service is not provided to traders by these brokers. In order to avoid such situations, customers are invited to first familiarize themselves with the list of participants of the Euro Trade Commission, which in turn is located at:
  • Employees of the Euro Trade Commission never independently get in touch with clients of brokerage companies. Contact with the client is carried out only after receiving the application from the site
  • If a trader wants to file a claim, he must fill out the appropriate form, which is located at:
  • We recommend that you pay attention to the email address when receiving a message. Emails can only be received from the data of the email addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Euro Trade Commission uses only https protocol and SSL certificate. An SSL certificate ensures that your web traffic, both inbound and outbound, is protected from any security risks.

The Euro Trade Commission asks all clients and traders whose companies are members as well as not members of the commission to notify any persons, whether legal or physical, imitating or impersonating their activities as Euro Trade Commission.