Euro Trade Commission Rules further E.T.C.

  • Financial institutions that have received the E.T.C. certificate of conformity are required to comply in all respects with the points of the approved Rules and carry out their activities strictly within the framework of the regulations.
  • Certified companies must prevent any situation that could directly or indirectly damage E.T.C. image and could conflict with its Rules.
  • In case of violation of the Charter and Rules of E.T.C., admission of damage to the activities of E.T.C., the certificate of conformity of the company may be revoked and the right to initiate the recertification process will be denied.
  • The decisions taken by E.T.C. are subject to mandatory compliance with those companies that have already received certificates of compliance or are in the process of completing them.
  • Financial institutions that have received E.T.C. certificates of conformity should make every effort to promptly resolve disputes and make objective decisions.
  • Certified Members E.T.C. must make timely membership dues in the manner and amount established by the current Rules of E.T.C.
  • Certified Members E.T.C. agree that the E.T.C. Standardization and Certification Committee has the right to initiate an unscheduled audit of a certified company no more than once a quarter. Companies, in turn, guarantee transparency and assistance on their part and the provision of all necessary information at the request of committee commissioners.
  • Any complaint shall be initiated in accordance with the complaints procedure.
  • Members of E.T.C. are required to exclude cases of abuse of belonging to E.T.C. and unfair conduct or actions that directly or indirectly affect the reputation of E.T.C.
  • The above rules are binding and are the main norms in the work process for all participants in financial markets that are related to E.T.C.

These rules are binding and are the main guide in the process of working with this service for all financial market participants who use the services of E.T.C.