Dispute Resolution

Disputes between brokers and their clients are a long and expensive process. Euro Trade Commission serves as an alternative and helps in resolving conflicts as soon as possible without the financial investments of customers.

More often, brokers do not notify clients of possible ways to submit complaints. Brokers registered in jurisdictions where the cost of membership is low tend to incur very large financial losses for each claim. Financial losses in such cases are very large and do not depend on the amount of the complaint, as well as on who will win the dispute – a broker or a client.

Euro Trade Commission conducted a study and found that eligibility where the level of regulation is very high client claims are high-cost and ineffective in most cases. We believe that, through the formation of our conflict resolution scheme, claims from brokers and clients will be less costly and highly effective.

We assist brokers when a structural organization allows the broker to join self-regulatory companies. By joining the Euro Trade Commission, brokers show their customers a high level of security. Euro Trade Commission provides certificates to companies registered both in tightly regulated jurisdictions and in jurisdictions where the level of regulation is still low.