Claims Procedure

The procedure for processing claims against brokerage companies, Euro Trade Commission Certified.

This procedure is developed by the Euro Trade Commission further E.T.C.

Claims against brokers not certified by E.T.C. are subject to review by E.T.C. and may result in the organization being added to the Black List when violations are identified.

The client’s claim to the organization certified by E.T.C. is accepted only after the client receives an official response from the broker that does not meet his requirements, or the company did not provide a response to the client’s requests for more than 14 business days.

Application for consideration E.T.C. You can submit using the special form, which is located in the “Submit a claim” section.

Terms of consideration of complaints:

Applications for controversial situations with brokers, the relevance of which does not exceed 2 months from the moment this situation occurs, are accepted for consideration.

After the customer’s claim is received, representatives of E.T.C.  contact the company and the applicant to clarify the circumstances of the dispute. This stage and the subsequent final decision takes, as a rule, up to 15 business days. Decision time may be delayed depending on the circumstances of the situation.

The client or the brokerage company is entitled to submit a second application for consideration of the decision of E.T.C. within 5 working days after the initial decision is made only if new facts of the situation in question can be presented. The ultimate solution of E.T.C. after reviewing the conflict point is final.

Disclosure of the results of the consideration of the conflict:

Final decision E.T.C. according to the claim of the applicant is published on the official website of E.T.C. without specifying all the details and details of the case at the request of the party that won the dispute. A scan copy of this document is sent to the contact email specified by the client. The decision is considered official and final only after sending this document to both parties. The applicant undertakes, until the official decision is received, to comply with the privacy policy and not to disclose the details of the case to third parties. Otherwise E.T.C. reserves the right to refuse the client further consideration of his claim.

You can submit a claim by filling out the form below or by link